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Veronica Teaches In Noth/East Vista
1241 E Vista Way. Vista CA, 92084
Please call her for info 619-395-3960
Wednesdays 3:30

My journey into karate has been a short one, thus far. I, by trade, am a lactation consultant. I never set out to be involved in karate at all, actually, I came to karate by way of my then 7 year old son. We had just moved, and he had been having trouble adjusting to a new school, a new life, a new home, and new friends. He was having problems focusing in school and every day was a new struggle with his self-esteem and issues with anxiety and depression. I noticed that he perked up when he watched movies that had karate in them, so I thought “what the heck, maybe this will help.” I never realized how it would change his life, along with mine and the rest of the family. I just thought it would be an activity to cheer him up. It was that and so very much more.

After sitting on the side-lines for three years watching my son take karate, I had an epiphany. I figured, “I may as well do the classes. I’m here all the time anyway.” It’s now been a while since I started my karate training, and I love it. I call karate my life-long journey. I hope to be able to be agile enough and in good enough health to be able to do karate for the rest of my life. I have felt stronger, healthier, and more confident since I started learning karate. I now understand how to defend myself if the situation ever arose. It has also done wonders for my spirit, teaching me how to deal with stress in a new, more productive way.

As for my family, my younger son and husband do karate, now, too. It is an activity that has brought my entire family closer by giving us an activity we can all do together. We have built friendships that have come to be like family to us here at our dojo. I’ve found the perfect dojo and the perfect Sensei, for me and my family. And, I hope that Sensei Sal and the rest of the “dojo family” are part of my life-long karate journey as well.

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