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Matthew Strait

1st Karate

Hi Everyone. My name is Matthew Strait, I love karate. I have 5 more family member that do Karate. We all do karate and we all think its fun. We have a great instructor named Sensei Sal. There is a lot more Sensei’s in the dojo. I been in karate for like 10 years. I’ve been in karate since i was 5 years old. I started in Young Champion then i move to other Shonen Ryu. I’ve been in that style for 5 years, Then me and family moved and took a brake from karate. We came back and I made new friends here, and we love the people Who I made friends with and I supported them when they needed it and they supported me. One of the thing we support each other on was tournaments, and testing. I’m 15 and it is a blast to be doing karate with the people you love and you can trust and thats why i do karate . P.S and i do it because it helps me mentally and physically.

Matthew s.
karate essay
What Karate means to me ?

Karate is a sport that helps kids and adults with there defending. This sport is a contact sport, you can spar with the person your competing with. But that is not all Karate is teaches you how to be Respectful and Responsibly. Karate has one teacher and his the highest ranking person in the dojo, but unless you have black belts those are Sensei’s you have to respect them the same you want to be treated. Karate also means to me (dojo) which that means to me (family). Karate can be really fun if you put your heart out there on the floor. Karate can be like football in away because you hit, need heart, power, ect.. Karate can also mean in other people perspective (that it helps you with your self-defense). That’s true in come cases because Karate is not always about fighting, it can be defending and that’s all because if you start the fight that can be really bad. Karate is art it’s suppose to be beautiful and flowing. In karate with have this thing called a (kia) this is your spirit call, it suppose to be loud. Karate takes time to achieve the goal. The goal is get a Black Belt in weapons and form. It might take you 20 years, depends on the person. Karate is not just kick and block its way more harder than that. If you don’t listen your not going to test, you have to be there almost everyday. You have to put your heart in it, without a heart its nothing. Karate might look easy but you can be a gymnast person and you can add your flare to it, like make it look Awesome. That’s what I do sometimes, because I’m good at jumping, tumbling and flips. But I say the hardest part is FAILING, because you can cry, but it you fail try to be positive. Just remember you got nervous and you’ll go again in like hopefully 3 to 6 months.

Karate Humiliation

Humiliation means to me ” have a nervous break down”. I’ve never been humiliated before but if you do I really cant help you there but ill try. I get when you humiliated in front of a lot of people you get embarrassed , shy , and you might feel uncomfortable meaning out of play. Like I said I really never been humiliated so wouldn’t know how it feels. I’m a kind of go with the flow guy so I take those words and make into a joke kind of. I can take lecture ok but not good enough , but I can take it like a good sportsmanship. Some kids in are dojo have been humiliated in front of people , some took it and some cried because of the pressure that she knows what’s coming. I would have to be on side of the humiliated because I hate going in the middle and doing stuff and when I mess up, people look at me a different way. One example is when Joey was doing his bunkai and he took me down and he feel down, and everybody started laughing at him because he messed up. You can be humiliated doing weapons to because when we do the nunchaku kata, when you spin it around your head you can hit your self to and it really hurts. The point is I guess its ok to be humiliated, you can learn from it or you can live on it to want to live past and learn from it try not to do it again. Everybody is going to be humiliated in their live with karate its not a big deal really, i just want it to happen to me because its not going to be funny when I do it. See I say when you think you are going to make a foul at of yourself do it by making people laugh so it doesn’t hurt as bad inside. I’m not going to make a foul of myself just to get attention, it should just happen naturally.

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