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Katerina strait

1. Well the first one I know is Mataumura Orthodox. I know that Karate taught by of one of Okinawa’s greatest living karate master, grandmaster Fusei Kise. The history of Shorin ryu Matsumura in the 20th century is presented in two interviews with master Hohan Soken that were not previously available in English.

2. Well, the next one is is Shobayashi-Ryu. I know that shobayashi-ryu is a style of Okinawan shorin ryu krate founded by chotoku kyan and passed to Eizo Shimbukuro. It said that Eizo himbukuro learned there ltoso kata as well as pinan shodan to godan and nailhanchin shodan to sandan from chorhin Chibana.. However, in his book “Okinawa karate do old grandmaster stories” Eizo Shimbukuro says that Chibana was to old to teach..

3. The third but not last is Kobayashi-ryu. After the death Anko Itso in 1915, one of Itousu,s most senior students, Choshin Chibana , wanted to continue to teach the shorin-ryu style of karate he learned from his instructor. In 1920, Chibana opened his first dojo in the Torihori district of shuri. Chibana taught this style of Shorin-ryu until hi death in 1969. Each of his top students went on go create his own branch of shorin-ryu.

4. Last but not least is Mat subayashi-ryu Matsubayashi is a style of okinawan karate that was founded in 1947 by Shoshin Nagamine. Its curriculum includes 18 kata, seven two-man yakusoku kumite. Matsubayashi-ryu is one of the four main styles of karate on Okinawa today, and was one of the styles represented when the Okinawa karate-do federation was founded.

5. Well Shorin-ryu branch is Kobayashi-ryu.. I went online and figured that out there is at train of masters who taught other students.

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