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1st Karate


Joey Straits
Karate black belt essay
What Karate means to me….

Karate to me means defending yourself from bad people that want to hurt you. If I ever saw someone disrespect a Sensei right In front of me I would tell them to do push ups and think about It. then we can talk If he ever does that again to anyone I will tell them to respect them as If they were Sensei Sal. If you ever asked me what I would do If I saw someone disrespect a Sensei I’d think about It for a while as If was directed to me and my answer was If I ever saw a person disrespect a Sensei right In Idea what all these Sensei’s do they have been In Karate much longer than you so pull It together so when you are a Sensei you wont want any body to disrespect you and all the Sensei’s that you disrespected and didn’t disrespect you would want the right there with you to back up your statement. that’s what Karate Is It Isn’t learning how to pick on someone that picks on you Its for defense not offense. the best thing to do If you ever get picked on Is tell someone If he swings and you use their force against them. make strategy. Karate Is a beautiful technique especially when you have mastered It. Karate Isn’t just fighting It Is much more than that It Is learning to kick, punch, and block correctly so you don’t hurt yourself or your opponent. you meet good people they can teach katas bunkais and yakazokus ( all fake fighting basically ) you learn how to use weapons pressure points and the joints etc. You get a lot of endurance. you learn how to read someone else’s energy once you are a high leveled belt In Karate then you will truly learn the way of true KARATE!!! But you have to always practice Is he key to success. I am In karate because It Is a sport I’m a huge fan of sports and extreme tricking. that Is my whole life and my entire Identity. without It I wouldn’t be who I am today. I am In karate because I love It and my family and my godfather love It as well and If I drop out every one will be sad especially my godfather. I like karate because w e learn self control. Martial arts is and art where we learn how to control our hits take a hit and how hard to hit an opponent. Our kusanku katas were made by Sensei kusanku. pasi katas were made from Tode Sakugawa sensei also chinto. Gojushio kata Chibana sensei. sensei Nakazato is with all of shorin ryu katas. The katas well you know. But now back to what karate means to me. Karate is a very deep feeling for me because the sensei is my godfather! how cool is that! Me and my family was one of sensei Sals very first student we started to train with him ever since he was a brown black belt. We did demos and tricks like gymnastics but much cooler. When I started karate the first time I cried was when my dad kicked me in the back of my head. (on accident of Sal when we were done we did one hundred push-ups and one hundred sit-ups. not fun but muscle building. karate is a merely etiquette sport. Most people are very fragile so they join. They want to earn how to do things they never thought that they could do and actually be good at. Karate is the best choice I have ever MADE!!!! It made me who I am today. I love karate don’t want to quit something that started my life. If I didn’t do karate I would want to know what my life would be like. No extreme tricking no self defense teqniques. So yes that’s what karate means to me and I love it a lot never want to quit of be one the verge or near or mostly
hated to be FORCED to be quit!

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