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Fredy Gomez

the tutelage of SAKUGAWA. They made several trips to china to study other Fighting Arts. MATSUMURA is credited for composing katas that are still practiced (meaning Iron Horse) trained under MATSUMURA. ITOSU is also the creator of the Chosin; KYAN, Chotoku; and MABUNI, Kenwa to name a few. CHIBANA, Hanshi NoSogo was the first to differentiate his system of karate by naming it “Kobashi ryu” or “Young forest style” in 1930. Chibana was also one of the founding committee members of karate who agreed to translate karate as “empty hand.” He was also was given the Fourth Order of Merit by the emperor of Japan in 1969 for his life long contribution to the martial arts. One of CHIBANA’s most influential students in the modern days is NAKAZATA, HanshiJuDan to whom CHIBANA named as his personal black belt.NAKAZATO has studied Shorin-ryu for almost all of his life and in 1967 after nearly 20 years of karate he was awarded 9th Dan by his instructor CHIBANA. When CHIBANA passed away NAKAZATO became President of Okinawa Shorin-ryu Ryu Shorinkan was designed by Shugoru NAKAZATO. NAKAZATO only teaches Okinawa Shorin-Ryu Karate-Do he learned from the style founder, CHIBANA, Chosin. In 1996 he was asked to do a special presentation at the Olympics. HanshiJuDan the first generation of students that are Kyoshis: Nabil NOUJAIM; Doug PERRY; Patrick HENRY, and Kevin ROBERTS to name a few. In addition NAKAZATO was presented as the guest of honor along with his son Minoru Nakazato Sama.
Our history comes from 4,000 years ago and I thank them for making it because
Karate because it is not just a hobby it’s something I’m dedicated to.

To Sensei Sal,
From Fredy

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