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Daniel Verwey

Hello Everyone, I am Daniel Verwey I was originally born in South Africa, But i moved to the U.S because my Step-Dad Met my mom Through the Marine Corps and got sent to South Africa For Embassy Duty. They got Married and we all moved to America. I am a Current Student of Sensei Sal.

I have been training in traditional martial arts since 2004, I used to study Yamashita Shorin Ryu Karate, But i am much happier With ShorinKan Karate. The system is more of a family than a business, and lets me feel like i am at home doing what i love and that is martial arts. I plan to stay with this style all my life, and one day owning my own school of Karate. I have been a Black belt since 2010. I have Enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and will be going to Boot Camp in The summer of 2011, My job in the Marine Corps is the Infantry. And i plan to keep training Karate while in the Corps.


2010 Cal State Games/Karate
2010 San Diego Grand International
2009 San Diego Grand Internatoinal
2009 Seaside Open
2009 Fight Lab Tournament
2009 ShorinKan Dan Diego Tournament
2008 Fight Lab Tournament

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