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Aileen Montano

Konichiwa! My name is Aileen Montano. I have been studying Karate for about 6 years. Karate never appealed to me. When my mom signed me I was upset because I didn’t want to do Karate, I just wanted to be with friends. She said once I became a black belt then I could quit and do a sport of my choice. When i first started out I was in a different system called Yamashita Shorin-Ryu, I trained with that system for about a year or so. While I was there my whole family joined also, my mom, step-dad, and my siblings. The Summer of 2005 I left to train with a different instructor, his name is Sensei Salvatore
Cirincione. Till this day he is my Sensei. Our Dojos and the people in them are not like anybody you’ve met. We’re not just customers or clients, we’re family. In the past year we have learned to be better martial artist, and not only that also to be better people in general.
A lot of people think Karate is about fighting and extreme flipping and flexibility. Sure its about that, but its also about the way you carry yourself as a martial artist, as a person. Martial Arts influences you to be the best, the best you can be, thats all your instructor asks for. Out in the world people can be cruel, Karate-do has taught me how to make better choices because my choices don’t only affect my life but also the people around me.
In life people will find something they really love like art, music, cooking, and sports. For myself and probably a lot of others, Karate is my life, my passion, its who I am. Like I said in the beginning, Karate never appealed to me it was new so of course i was scared to even try it. And now, i can’t live without it. The Martial Arts isn’t something you can buy or pick up, you must become it.

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