Hello my name is Nicole Baraibar. I was born and raised in Vista California. I was one of those kids who
had tons of energy and how much I liked playing with other kids so my Mother found the Boys and Girls
Club of Vista. My Brother Anthony and I went there almost every day. I loved to play pool and spend time
in the art department. My favorite time of day was when they had group sport activities. My brother I
thought at the time was the lucky one he was allowed to participate in the Karate program. When I say he
was allowed to participate I mean my mother said "It wasn't for girls!” So growing up I played softball and
was honored on the All Star Team. I played from T-Ball all the way to co-ed Adult Ball. I played Volleyball
for several years also. Still found myself many years later just Snowboarding, river rafting, camping or
just riding my dirt bike. I pretty much did anything to keep me active and busy.
It wasn’t until the day I was standing at the bus stop with my son when he was in First grade and I asked
him what he wanted to be when he grew up. He told me a scientist, veterinarian and to my surprise he
said a Sensei!! I told him maybe a Sensei may be hard task to accomplish. It was about a week later I
thought I would sign him up for the Boys and Girls Club. I was looking over all of the flyers on the table
for all of the activities and there was one for Karate. So I walked up stairs and signed him right away. It
was almost two years when Sensei Sal had asked when I was going to join. I tried to give him some
excuses about being busy or something. He wasn't buying it! I was there every Saturday and some
weekdays just watching. So I decided to give it a try and ever since then I have been hooked. It has
influenced my life in so many positive ways it would take too long to explain it's something that you
should experience for yourself.  
Some of the biggest and most memorable moments in my life have been Karate events such as camps,
seminars, tournaments and training in Okinawa, Japan with my Sensei and his instructor Kyoshi Nabil
Naoujaim under the direction of Hanshi Dan Suguro Nakazato. It was such an honor to have my received
my sho-dan (black belt) in Sensei Nakazato Humbo Dojo in April of 2010. I always look forward to
participating in Kyoshi Nabil Noujaim's annual November camp. I have had such a passion for the
Okinawan culture I went back to college to acquire Japanese language and writing skills. I really like the
fact that when you are a part of such a great organization you feel like you are surrounded by family. I am
so honored to train under such an amazing Instructor as Sensei Sal.
Now that I have to opportunity to give back the knowledge that has been shared with me I alongside my
Sensei have the pleasure of teaching at the Boys and Girls club of Vista. One thing I have learned in my
Japanese studies is the "wa" it is the never ending circle of learning or knowledge. It can be represented
on our Shorinkan-Shorinryu patch that is worn on our gi. The black ring surrounds our crest is to me
representing the never ending learning and knowledge that karate possesses. I know how much is still
out there for me to learn and accomplish in the world of karate and Martial Arts.....

In April of 2012 I was honored to join my Sensei on a trip to Okinawa. This was a very special trip I really
got to explore the island and see many new sites. I was fortunate enough to take a trip to Kudaka Jima
and visit students who study Shorinkan. It was such an honor to see the future students of Shorinkan
practicing Karate.  This trip was really special for me I was able to attend my Sensei test for his 5th
degree in Karate he now has the rank of Renshi and 3rd degree in Kubudo (weapons.) I felt very
honored to be tested in Okinawa for my second time as well, I was much appreciative to test for my 2nd
degree in Karate and my 1st degree in Kubudo. I enjoy doing Karate so much this is what makes me
look forward to every day I know that there is always a group of people at the end of everyday that I can go
workout with who share my same passion.