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I was born on April 24th 1973 in the wonderful city of Vermilion, Ohio.
School wasn’t the best of subjects for me. In fact I struggled through
every grade. I spent much of my younger years playing soccer. Once into
middle school I joined the wrestling team. However this was never a sport
I saw myself doing. For as long as I can remember, Karate was the one
sport in which I had always wanted to learn.         At the age of 16 I
finally began my journey in the martial arts. I studied under Sensei Al
Fuzy and his wife Sensei Mary Kay in the art of Ji Do Kwan. I continued
my studies in martial arts until I enlisted in the U.S Marine Corps. July
12th 1992 I shipped off to Parris Island, South Carolina for boot camp.
Upon graduation on October 13th, I was sent to Millington, Tennessee
where trained as a jet engine mechanic. I was then transferred to
Jacksonville, North Carolina, (MCAS New River) in 1993 where I began
my newly found trade of a Jet Engine mechanic for the Marine Corps
troop transport, the CH-46E helicopter. In 1996 I was transferred to
Tustin California, where I joined my new unit helicopter unit. Soon after
arrival, I was deployed to Okinawa, Japan for a period of six
months.          My next transfer took me to San Diego county, where I
worked at Miramar Air Station. In the weeks soon after Sept, 11th 2001,
I was deployed to the coast of Afghanistan for a period of 9 months. Four
months after my return, president Bush gave us our warning order. Two
weeks later, I was once again deployed but this time off the coast of
Iraq. As the ground troops began their push toward Bagdad, we were
flying in and setting up camp. We remained on the ground for yet another
eight months to support the war.          Upon the return back home, my
wife and I joined our kids up for the Boys and Girls club. Soon after they
joined, we found out about a Karate class being taught in the evenings by
Sensei Salvatore Cirincione. After we saw the first class, my wife and I
decided without hesitation to sign all the kids up for class. After a few
weeks of watching them take class, we heard there may be an adult
class starting. We immediately joined.          At this time, Sensei Sal was
a student of Armando Anselmo and Sensei Tadashi Yamashita in the art
of Shorin-Ryu karate. I studied under these instructors until 2005 where
the Marine Corps decided I needed to relocate once more. While at my
new duty station in Hampton, Virgina, I was honored to have studied
under Kyoshi Jeff Bateman as well as his wife Susan and his son
Jeremey for a period of one year. At this time I was transferred back to
San Diego where my family and I immediately picked up where we left off
with Sensei Sal. Since my return to San Diego and training with Sensei
Sal, I have deployed to Afghanistan twice, opened my own dojo, and
have retired from 22 years of military Service in the Marine Corps. We
will continue with this dojo and Sensei Sal as long as life will allow.