us... you may never be rich, but the rewards are much greater than money can
have inspired me to always follow my dreams no matter how challenging or difficult
Athletics has played an important role in my life.  Growing up in the city of East Los
Angeles was a challenge in itself.  My former basketball high school coach once
said, "You win as a team, and you lose as a team.  I would rather coach a player
with no skills who has a great attitude, than a player with talent who has a bad
attitude."  That year, we had an undefeated season.  Unfortunately, we lost the city
championship game, but we held our heads high... as a team.

At a young age, I enjoyed helping those in need.  During my college career I was
fortunate enough to work as a teacher's assistant in the bilingual department of my
alumni high school.  Here, I was able to assist students in many subjects of their
educational goals.  I was also given the opportunity and responsibility to help
provide support in our surrounding neighborhoods to coordinate community
events, from festivals to community awareness to help better our neighborhoods.  
Prior to completing my Bachelor's of Arts Degree in Art Education, I coordinated
computer labs where students, parents, and teachers could develop their skills in
computer technology.  For me, being part of my students, parents and colleges
growth and progress in their own personal goals truly was and continues to be a
rewarding experience.

The martial arts has provided a very unique experience in my life.  My Sensei's
instructor once told me, "I can show you how to do the move, but it's up to you to
do it."  We all have a responsibility to each other, but it is up to the individual to
except it and figure out what it is.  As a student, and instructor of Shorinkan
Shorin-Ryu Karate, and parent volunteer at the Vista Boys and Girls Club, I have
once again been fortunate enough to follow my calling, "...always there for

~ Gricelda Montano Vizcaino