A six-foot wooden staff. It resembles a long pole, but can be
used in long-range self-defense situations.  Forms:

Sakugawa no Kon
kubo no kkon
Sakugawa no Kon Dai Ni


A three-pronged metal weapon which resembles a large
fork-shaped object. Usually used in pairs, it can be used to both
strike and spear an attacker.  Forms:

Shorinkan no Sai Dai Ichi

Shorinkan no Sai Dai Ni

Shorinkan no Sai Dai San


A wooden weapon which is often used in pairs. They can be
used to either strike with the butt of the weapon or swung to
strike an attacker.  Forms:

Shorinkan no Tonfa


A sickle-shaped bladed weapon, also often used in pairs. They
are held by their wooden handles and was once used by
Okinawan farmers to harvest grain crops.  Forms:

Shorinkan no Kama Dai Ichi

Shorinkan no Kama Dai Ni


Two short pieces of wood held together by a chain or rope. It is
used by holding one piece of wood in one hand, while whipping
the other piece around in a flailing motion.  Forms:

Shorinkan no Nunchaku Dai Ichi

Shorinkan no Nunchaku Dai Ni


A boat oar, which is handled similarly to the bo. It was a weapon
used by Okinawan fishermen.  Forms:

Shorinkan no Eaku