I am originally from Vermilion, Ohio and currently live in North County San Diego
    which is now and has been my home.  I am married to a Marine and together we have
    four exceptionally talented children; 3 boys and 1 girl.

          I have earned my degree in Paralegal Studies and currently earning another
    degree in Legal Studies. I plan on continuing my education until I have finally reached
    my educational goal.

          I have studied martial arts and a few different styles periodically through the years.
    I never found that “one” Sensei that I could fully trust and give all my efforts, heart and
    commitment too until I came to Sensei Sal.

          I was seeking martial arts for my children when they were younger and I did not
    realize that at that moment I was looking for myself as well. I can remember the first day
    of my children’s karate class so vividly. They were very excited but of course I think I
    was just as excited for them. Sensei Sal had reached my children’s spirit during a time
    in their life when their father was in Iraq; he brought out a new side to them, a bright
    side. After watching the growth of my children as martial artists and the utmost respect
    they had for Sensei Sal, I wanted a piece of that too. Shortly after my husband returned
    home from Iraq we heard there was a adult karate class beginning with Sensei Sal, my
    husband and I wanted in, we wanted to learn from and study under the Sensei who
    brought out the best in our children.

          We began the karate classes and that is where my journey with martial arts truly
    began. I finally found my Sensei. I, through martial arts have learned how to bring
    together my mind, body and my spirit. I am not done with my journey; it is a life long
    journey that I will travel on.  However, I am exceptionally blessed to share my journey
    with my husband and children.