P....   Preschool Karate

          Thanks for a great beginners class this morning. Being the mother of 7, with 6 adopted kids and one
          biological I am so pleased you have a program like yours. It is so valuable to teach kids to listen, follow
          directions and be respectful. This is perfect!


          Sensei Sal has such a caring, giving heart. He dedicates himself and his energies to the children in his dojo
          as well as community organizations he knows affect the children. Within the dojo, there is A LOT of activity at
          all times. Sometimes, it looks overwhelming, but Sal notices things about each individual that you can't
          imagine. He teaches to each person's strengths and needs. He talks to the students about discipline and
          tradition, tying in to something that's happened in class or comparing life situations with beliefs of various
          cultures. He focuses on bringing out leadership skills in each student by asking that they help other
          students with movements and technique. I have seen a great deal of growth in my own son as well as other
          students during the almost two years that we have known Sal. I am very grateful for the understanding and
          care he has shown in working with my son.

          D Evans Writes ..... May

          Thank you so much for providing Matthew with extra help during class today.  I'm always so impressed with
          how the adult students and older kids are so willing to show Matthew what to do.  It's wonderful that he
          has that experience.  I hope that he will be able to return the favor to others as he gets older and gains more
          skills.  Thanks again

          K Sanchez writes…….

          This last year of Karate has been important to me and I appreciate Sal for giving me this opportunity
          to take Karate.  I have  ADD, and ADHD with my mom being a nurse  and her understanding of my disability
          we've tried to follow my pediatrician's recommended treatment for my  ADD . My Mom grew concerned with
          the mood swings, my  weight loss, and my lack of appetite, along with the fear that I would rely on
          drugs rather than learning to control my own actions.  I wanted to be like the other kids.  I was made fun of
          at times because I took medication.  So, my Mom and I decided to work really hard at, "centering myself" and
          disciplining myself to stay focused without medications.  To treat my ADD without the help of drugs.  First,  I
          have made better choices with snacks and meals, and started  running when I needed to, to help with the      
          extra energy  at recess time.  We had a conference with my teacher to let her know I would not be on  the
          medication anymore for treatment, and we came up with a plan to help  motivate me, and give me
          consciences for  good or bad behavior.  I wanted to learn Karate and my mom said I would not be able to go
          to Karate if my grades were bad or my behavior was disruptive.  I had to stay on task, complete daily
          assignments, and keep my grades up at school, along with behaving in class and not talking and running
          around or interrupting others.  I would have to miss Karate if my  teacher sent a note home that I was
          disruptive or falling behind.  I  never missed a  Monday or Wednesday Karate due to bad behavior or bad
          grades.  My grades went up and for the first time I got excellent behavior marks and citizenship awards.  I  
          decided not to do soccer and concentrate only on Karate.  There were many times I wanted to play and goof
          off with my friends after school and at home, but I kept my commitment to Karate and myself to learn to
          control myself without the aid of medications.  I am thankful for the Karate and the time that you Sal, and the
          other parents have given to our family and me…Kaylee, "I want to be a black belt someday…"

          Chloe wanted to add to this email about what Karate means to her … She wants to teach other kids some
          day to be a leader like Sal, and she learned that there are consciences for not being good.  Even though she
          has asthma she still works her hardest.  Thanks again…..
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